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wpc fence post installation method and precautions

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wpc fence post installation method and precautions, installation preparation:

Electric drill: Electric drill is a tool that must be used in the installation process: because the plastic wood material has a high density (about 1.3g/cm), the material is hard and brittle, so when fixing the plastic wood material guardrail, you must first use an electric drill to guide Screw in the screw to fix the hole, instead of nailing it directly, otherwise the material may be broken or cracked. Other tools: During the installation process, ordinary woodworking tools are also needed.

Stainless steel screws: When installing, we recommend using matching plastic wood guardrail fasteners (engineering plastic injection molded parts) and stainless steel screws for fixing. The amount used is determined by the actual situation, and the main determining factor is the design of the guardrail. During the paving process, it is necessary to guide the holes first and then fix the screws.