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What is the patch fitting installation method?

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There are a variety of door clips: hinge clips, 7-fold clips, hanging clips, etc. Different door clip mounting methods are different.

The patch fitting includes a pressing assembly and a fastening assembly that compresses the fastening assembly to generate a pre-stress by the cooperation of the pressing assembly with the glass door to thereby fasten the glass door. In the patch fitting, the pressing assembly cooperates with the glass door to press the fastening component to generate pre-stress, and the glass door becomes the main control member for generating pre-stress, and the fastening component is made of elastic material under the action of an external force. The interior forms a stable pre-stress and is stored, together with the glass door and the compression assembly to form a stable pre-stress system.

There is no need to cut corners or openings at the edge of the glass, it will not damage the original internal stress balance of the glass, make the glass door safer to use, more convenient to install, and avoid rework and material scrapping caused by glass openings, etc. It is also a significant contribution to the improvement of work efficiency and labor cost savings.

The above is about the installation principle of Patch fitting. Foshan Broad Ocean Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in door and window railing handrail hardware accessories, various glass door locks, door handles, Glass clamps, and handrail brackets. Welcome to contact us!