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Various railing post types and effects of application

Railing post can be divided into inter-section and continuous. The former consists of a column, an armrest, and a crosspiece. The handrail is supported on the column; the latter has a continuous handrail composed of an armrest, a railing, and a base. Today we will discuss with you the type of column and the effect and effect on the railing.
First, the type of Railing post
1. According to function: wiredrawing stand post and glass railing post. The difference between the wiredrawing stand post and the glass railing post is generally the difference between the wiredrawing clip and the glass pendant.
The number of wiredrawing clip on the wire drawing column can vary depending on the number of wires that the customer needs to wear. There are also several different types of glass clips on the hanging glass column.
2. According to the material: stainless steel railing post, metal railing post, carbon steel column, and acrylic column. Our company is more popular with stainless steel railing post and metal railing post.

Second, the role of the railing
1. The railing post plays the role of connecting and fixing. The inter-section railings need to be connected to the left and right sides of the glass or the wire drawing, and the column supports the handrails, the lower rails are fixed, and the columns are in the railings, which play the role of connecting the upper and lower sides and connecting each other.
2. The column adds the effect of the aesthetics of the renovation project. Some customers think that the continuous railing is not as beautiful as the inter-section railing. The reason is the aesthetic effect of the column. The metal railing post is mostly used indoors, gorgeous and elegant; the stainless steel railing post is mostly used for outdoor, simple and fashionable, both fish and bear's paw have both.
Correct selection of the pillars of the railings also has great benefits for the beauty of the project.

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