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Types of door handle locks

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door handle locks are something that every household uses. Most people’s door locks are installed by renovation workers during the house renovation, but after a few years, the door locks often break inadvertently. Then what should be done? In fact, the installation of the door lock is also very simple.

Divided by material: a. Brass can be made into AC, AB, PB, BN ball locks, in which AC, AB, BN electroplating seal paint, BP electroplating seal polishing. b. Stainless steel   can be made into SS PS ball lock, in which SS, sand paper for sanding, PS cloth linen wheel for polishing and sealing. c. The red copper SB cloth linen wheel is polished and closed. d. Logs, beech wood; original beech wood closed (materials used in the production of locks: brass, red copper, stainless steel, beech wood, logs, marble, iron sheet, inner steel plate, zinc alloy, aluminum).