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Type of stainless steel glass door lock without drilling

The glass door lock, also known as the central lock, is suitable for the installation of tempered glass doors with a thickness of 8mm-12mm.
The glass door lock material can be made of high quality stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and iron. Glass door lock products are available in specifications: single door (single lock, double lock, single lock + manual, latch); hollow glass door lock surface color: mirror, sanding, gold plating, etc., can also be customized according to customer requirements colour.
The glass door lock structure is beautiful and sturdy, so that you can fully experience the perfect effect of fashion and practicality. There are many types of door locks. The requirements for door locks are different in different occasions. Ordinary households generally use anti-theft door locks, which are safe and cheap. In some high-end places, security agencies use password locks, fingerprint locks, and security. Very high and expensive; safety glass doors are used in many public places, so the use of glass door locks is more extensive.
With the advent of glass doors, many glass door locks have appeared. The advantage of the glass lock is that the glass does not need to be opened for safety.

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