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What are the door and window hardware accessories?

Door and window hardware is a small part in home decoration, but it can't be ignored. It plays a very important role. Doors and windows rely on hardware to complete the function of doors and windows. Hardware is the most vulnerable product in building doors and windows, and it is also one of the most mundane parts of the event. The following small series for everyone to introduce the door and window hardware accessories and door and window hardware accessories purchase principles.
What are the door and window hardware accessories?

1, the window opener

The window opener is mainly used to open the high-position ventilation window. The window opening actuator can determine the width of the window opening. Its deformation determines the ability of the window opener to adapt to different window types and different installation conditions. The operating member can be in the form of a handle or rocker. There is also a manual window opener, which is suitable for opening the window in the hanging and overhanging.

2, door closer

The main feature of the door closer is that the closing speed is slow, and there is no collision sound after closing. It is mainly used for the door on the high-end hotel. The door closer is divided into two types: horizontal and straight. The function is equivalent to the double-spring hinge, which can make the door and window. Automatically turns off when turned on.

3, hinge

The hinge should be selected to include the ball bearing in the middle shaft. The brightness of the paint and plating when selecting, determines the flexibility and noise of the drawer opening and closing, and should select the load-bearing wheel with wear resistance and uniform rotation.

4, handle

The shape of the handle is quite diverse, and its main materials are aluminum, copper, stainless steel and the like. Through the plating handle, it has the functions of wear resistance and anti-corrosion. In addition to matching with the decoration style of the room, it should also be able to withstand a large pulling force and play a protective role to keep the home in a safe state.

5, the latch

The plug is actually a simple component that prevents opening, and is an anti-theft component that prevents the door and window from being opened from the outside. It is much simpler than the structure of the lock, except that it is locked outside the door and the bolt is in the door.

Door and window hardware accessories purchase principle

1, to choose a good sealing performance, locks and slides. When you purchase, you can pull it a few times to see if it is flexible and convenient.

2, the choice of locks to choose flexible performance, you can try several times when you buy, see smooth, smooth switch, whether it is labor-saving.

3, door and window hardware accessories to choose good performance, when buying, you should see if there is any bump in the appearance, how to polish the gloss, the hand will not be too rough and so on.

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