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The main function of pvc elbow machine

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The head part and the bed part of the pvc elbow machine are designed with stiffeners, and the internal stress is eliminated by annealing treatment, and the whole has sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent permanent deformation. When the transmission spindle is assembled, it is directly inserted from the upper part of the machine head and installed Accurate, easy to maintain, the bending spindle and the transmission sprocket are integrally forged, integral processing, integral hobbing, keyless connection, uniform force, driven by double cylinders, during the bending process, the rotating arm is close to the set angle of bending .

The hydraulic system has automatic throttling and buffering, which greatly improves the bending accuracy and quick reset. There is a throttling buffer close to the starting point during the return process, which greatly improves the resetting accuracy and work efficiency.

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