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The characteristics of gymnastics floor springs

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Gymnastic floor spring has excellent abrasion resistance, stain resistance and slip resistance, and the elastic foot feel makes walking very comfortable. Resilient floors are favored by users because of their superior characteristics. They are widely used in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, transportation, industry, homes, stadiums and other places.

Technical performance requirements
1) Wear resistance: Due to the different detection methods, the European standard and the national standard have more complicated definitions of the wear resistance of unused materials. For use, you only need to choose according to the EN685 level or the national standard level reached by the specific material. The order of EN685 wear resistance is: 21-22-23-31-32-41-33-42-34-43. The national standard is: general-durable (sorted from low to high).
2) Color fastness: The color fastness value is determined with reference to ISO 105-B02, generally 6 degrees and 7 degrees, a higher value means better color fastness, and it is not easy to change color.
3) Anti-slip: European standard BGR181 stipulates that the anti-slip grade of elastic materials should be between R9 and R11. The higher the grade, the better the anti-slip performance.The characteristics of gymnastics floor springs