Structure and introduction of pvc pipe threaded end cap

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  • Post last modified:April 26, 2021

Due to the use of pvc pipe threaded end cap, processing accuracy, assembly and testing technology, the pipe thread standard cannot guarantee that all threaded parts that meet the standard can be sealed. In the inch sealing pipe thread standard, a unified thread item cannot be proposed. The accuracy requirements of the parameters.

These individual thread parameters have a direct impact on the sealing performance. The fundamental way to solve the problem is to formulate their own internal control measures for their specific products. Each industry or company formulates its own internal control measures. The internal control indicators of these parameters are generally confidential to the outside world. This is also true for companies in other industries. If it is not universal, the manufacturer must have a clear understanding of this. The standard of sealing pipe thread is not a panacea, and the sealing problem may require the manufacturer to pay attention to it.