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Steel tube elbow factory processing

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steel tube elbow processing procedure
1) Material preparation
Determine the length of the pipe material according to the diameter and bending radius of the pipe being processed, and considering the clamping amount of the tailstock of the pipe bender and the rocker chuck.
2) Adjustment of pipe bender
First call the appropriate high-frequency heating line diagram and lock it firmly.
3) Clamping pipe material
Use a crane to hoist the pipe material to the pipe bender, adjust the guide roller to make the pipe align with the center line of the fuselage, operate the chuck of the tailstock to clamp the end of the pipe material and feed it so that the processing end of the pipe material passes through the induction heating coil , And reach the place where the elbow needs to be heated, and clamp the pipe material with a rocker arm chuck.
4) Elbow
Connect the water cooling pipeline first, and then connect the high-frequency power supply. Heat the tube to bending temperature. Start the main drive unit. Push the pipe material at the specified speed to bend the pipe.