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Steel pipe manufacturer

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Steel pipes can be divided into carbon pipes, alloy pipes, stainless steel pipes, etc. according to the pipe material (that is, steel type).
Carbon tubes can be divided into ordinary carbon steel tubes and high-quality carbon structural tubes.
Alloy tubes can be divided into: low alloy tubes, alloy structural tubes, high alloy tubes, and high strength tubes. Bearing tubes, heat-resistant and acid-resistant stainless tubes, precision alloy (such as Kovar) tubes and high-temperature alloy tubes, etc.


Steel pipes can be divided into black pipes (not plated) and coated pipes according to the characteristics of surface coating.
Coated pipes include galvanized pipes, aluminum-plated pipes, chrome-plated pipes, aluminized pipes and other alloy-layer steel pipes.
Coated pipes include outer-coated pipes, inner-coated pipes, and inner-outer coated pipes. The commonly used coatings are plastic, epoxy resin, coal tar epoxy resin and various glass-type anticorrosive coating materials.