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Stainless steel tube fittings introduction to the note knowledge of

High-pressure stainless steel tube fittings are used in specific environments such as high-pressure steam equipment, chemical high-temperature high-pressure pipelines, pressure vessels for power plants and nuclear power plants, and high-pressure boiler fittings. Stainless steel tube fittings are a general term for components in the piping system that function as connection, control, direction change, split, seal, and support.

Stainless steel tube fittings use classification

1. Stainless steel tube fittings for connecting pipes are a flange, joint, pipe clamp, ferrule, hose clamp, etc.

2. Change the pipe direction of the pipe: elbow

3. Change the pipe diameter of the pipe: variable diameter (reducing pipe), reducer elbow

4. Increase the stainless steel tube fittings of the pipeline: three links, four links

5. Stainless steel tube fittings for pipeline sealing: gasket, raw material belt, wire hemp, flange blind plate, pipe plug

6.Stainless steel tube fittings for pipe fixing: snap rings, tow hooks, rings, brackets, brackets, pipe clamps, etc.

Stainless steel tube fittings are parts that join pipes into pipes. According to the coupling method, it can be divided into four types: socket type stainless steel tube fittings, threaded stainless steel tube fittings, flanged stainless steel tube fittings, and welded stainless steel tube fittings. It is made of the same material as the tube.

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