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Stainless steel elbow three polishing methods

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1. Stainless steel elbow chemical polishing
Chemical polishing is to make the pipe elbow material preferentially dissolve in the slightly convex part of the surface of the chemical medium, so as to obtain a smooth surface. The main advantage of this method is that it can polish a workpiece with complex shapes without complicated equipment, and can polish many workpieces at the same time with high efficiency.

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2. stainless steel elbow point de-polishing
A conductive material resistant to electrolyte corrosion such as lead or stainless steel is used as a cathode and is connected to a negative electrode of a DC power source. The two are immersed in the electrolyte at a certain distance (generally with sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid as the basic components) and are energized for a certain time (usually several tens of seconds) at a certain temperature, voltage and current density (generally less than 1 amp/cm 2 ). A few points), the tiny convex part on the surface of the pipe elbow workpiece dissolves first, and gradually becomes a smooth and shiny surface.

3. stainless steel elbow mechanical polishing
Mechanical polishing is divided into rough polishing and fine polishing. During the rough polishing process, the pipe elbow sample is clamped and reciprocated along the radial direction of the polishing disk to uniformly adjust the applied pressure, taking care that the pressure should not be too large. When polishing starts, sprinkle some polishing liquid from time to time. Slowly reduce the pressure later, reduce the concentration of the polishing solution until the polishing to the fine wear marks disappears, pipe elbow flat and bright and no black spots. The rough polished sample is washed with water and then finely polished, and finely polished to remove the wear marks left by the rough polishing, so that the polished surface is bright and flat. The polishing machine used for fine polishing is basically the same as that used for rough polishing, and its rotation speed is 150-200 rpm.

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