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Stainless steel balcony railings show material advantages

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A balcony is a place for family members to relax and relax. It is an extension of the building interior. It is a place for occupants to breathe fresh air, dry clothes, and place pots. The design needs to take into consideration the principles of safety and beauty. Safety is the most important. The balcony is required to be fitted with a guardrail. Let's discuss the advantages of the stainless steel railing in the balcony guardrail.

Stainless steel railings are mainly divided into armrests, columns, bases, etc. The common stainless steel railings on the market are usually made of stainless steel 304. The coastal areas are more 316. The following are the characteristics of 304 and 316 stainless steel railings:

1. With good decoration, the stainless steel railing surface is bright and smooth, and feels good; it can also meet the individualized needs of different customers.
2. The stainless steel material is safe and environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment, and solves the problem of pollution of buildings with ordinary products.
3. Has good flexibility and good impact resistance.
4. The surface of the electrostatically sprayed imitation pond porcelain process makes the stainless steel guardrail products have good self-cleaning performance, and the rain wash and water spray can be as clean as new.
5. The buried installation method and the floor plate installation can save the construction foundation cost and save the space occupied space.
6. It has good weather resistance, salt spray resistance, and moist heat resistance, and is suitable for use in different regions.

In summary, stainless steel railings have a variety of excellent performance and have outstanding advantages in the home balcony railings, which is the first choice for home balcony railings.