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identification methods of stainless hinges

Three advantages and identification methods of stainless hinges

stainless hinges As people's demands for modern home life are getting higher and higher, stainless steel hinges have become the new favorite of many consumers. stainless steel hinge, also known as stainless steel damping hinge, stainless steel hydraulic hinge, stainless steel buffer hinge, stainless steel pipe hinge, etc., is widely used in all aspects of home life, such as furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, bathroom cabinets and other furniture door connection .

The stainless hinges is divided into three bend positions: full cover (straight bend), half cover (medium bend), no cover (large bend or built-in). The side panel of the cabinet (that is, the hinge plate is installed) is based on the 18mm or 16mm plate. The full cover (straight plate) covers all the side plates, and the half cover (small bend) covers all the side plates without cover (large Bend or built in) The cover is completely covered and exposed in the cabinet.

stainless hinges are popular in the hardware market, mainly because of its three major advantages.
1. stainless steel hinge has strong rust resistance and is suitable for use in humid environments such as kitchens, bathrooms or the sea;
2.The manufacturing process of the hinge is mature and exquisite, and the shape is smaller and more beautiful than that of the 302 series. It is assembled on the furniture and can greatly improve the high-grade furniture;
3.six-piece spring chain rods for excellent fixing and durability. Has a good fixing effect and is durable. 1.2MM's hinge material thickness, even if the load of 20 kg of the door can be easily and freely, without the general hine of the easy to fall and easy to deform.

Finally, let's take a look at how to distinguish the true and false of stainless steel hinges?
With a magnet?
This method is not scientific, because the stainless hinges consists of the main fitting and many other small accessories. Generally, the small fitting is made of stainless steel because the hardness of is strong and brittle, and the small parts are in the molding process and during use. It is easy to break, so the hinge is attracted by the magnet, but this method is not adopted.
In the absence of high-precision instruments to detect, today we introduce a simple method for you.
Before buying, you can ask the manufacturer to take a sample, and then spray the sample stainless hinges with 10% salt water (industrial salt and salt water), repeat the operation for more than ten times, and then take it out after one night. You can see if the surface of the hinge has spots.
If spots are present, the manufacturer's stainless steel hinges do not need to be considered.

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