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slot tube fittingsmanufacturers produce wholesale

Features of grooved pipe fittings: fast installation speed. Grooved pipe fittings only need to install the standard parts supplied, without welding and galvanizing, so the installation speed is significantly faster than threaded connections and flange connections, and the pipe can be automatically centered through the clamp parts. The construction efficiency can be greatly improved, and the pipeline installation period can be effectively shortened.

The slot tube fitting is safe and reliable. On the one hand, the roll groover and hole opener used in the installation process are all supporting special tools provided by the manufacturer, which can ensure the processing accuracy of the pipe end groove; on the other hand, the sealing ring of the inner cavity of the clamp can hold the pipe tightly. Function to achieve self-tightening seal, the greater the internal pressure, the better the seal. The nominal pressure of the pipe fittings can be as high as 2.5MPa.