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Railing connector factory direct sales

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The railing connector is a device that is made of stainless steel and rubber into a component combination device to achieve the function of sealing and bearing pressure, and the structure is very compact. There is no need to do any treatment on the pipe ends during construction. Just put the connector on the two pipe ends to be connected and tighten the side bolts to make the clamping teeth bite the surface of the pipe end to a limit and fix, and the sealing sleeve is tightly attached to the pipe. A locked state with a tightly sealed connection is reached. According to different connection functions, pipe connectors are divided into "Limited Pipe Connector" (GRIP), "Compensation Pipe Connector" (FLEX), Dual Card Pipe Connector (GR), Pipe Repair Clamp, Non-metallic pipe connectors (GLT) and other series. It can be widely used in pipeline connections of various materials in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, offshore platforms, electric power, light industry, medicine, food, construction, municipal administration, environmental protection and mechanical equipment supporting industries.