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Pvc pipe fitting 90 degree elbow size

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Specification and size of 90 degree elbow:

1. The size of a 90-degree elbow is generally calculated according to the diameter of a known pipe, and the bending radius is usually 1.5 times the diameter. Depending on the model, the size of the 90-degree elbow is different, and its length and radius are also different. The larger the nominal diameter of a 90-degree elbow, the larger its size. If you want to know the specific data of the 90 degree elbow size, it is recommended to consult relevant people.

2. Same as the model label of the corresponding seamless steel pipe, the outer diameter is multiplied by the wall thickness in millimeters, such as: Φ57×3.5; Φ89×4.5; Φ108×4.5; Φ159×6; Φ273×6; Φ325×8; on the market The upper 90-degree elbow, generally R=1.5D is commonly used, and then R=5D, there are also custom-made ones.

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