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Pull door handle, the manufacturing method of pull door handle?

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Pull door handle manufacturing method/steps: 1 Cut the felt cloth and cotton cover cloth into four glove shapes of the same size according to the mittens template, cut out the ethnic decorative strip with the same width as the glove, and press it with a needle Fix the picture, and then wind it on the felt cloth. If you use velvet thread to sew on the surface, it is difficult to see the traces of the sewing.

2. Repeat the same steps on the second piece of felt cloth, but note that the pattern of the cloth strips should be reversed, so that there is a pair of gloves effect. A strip of cloth on one side of the glove is fine, but it can also be sewn on all sides.

3. Fix each piece of felt cloth and a piece of cotton cloth together with a needle, sew the two pieces of cloth along the edges with ordinary thin thread, and sew a small side with black thread at the bottom. Turn the two sewn glove cloths together, fix them with a needle, and sew the edges with a sewing machine. The width of the stitch should be a little bit away from the edge, about 1/4 inch.
4. After sewing, trim the edges neatly and remove the surrounding wool. Fold the glove over. If the pull door handle is a bit big, you can turn it over and sew it in a circle, but-make sure to leave enough space for the glove opening, otherwise the glove won’t fit in.