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Precautions for stainless steel elbows

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1. When installing, the stainless steel elbow can be directly connected to the pipeline according to the connection mode, and installed according to the position used. Under normal circumstances, it can be installed at any position of the pipeline, but it needs to be sealed to prevent leakage and affect the normal operation of the pipeline.

2. For the ball valve of stainless steel elbow, the stop valve and the gate valve are only fully open or fully closed, and do not allow to adjust the flow to avoid sealing.

3. Long-term storage of stainless steel elbows should be checked on schedule. The exposed surface should be kept clean, dirt removed, and stored neatly in a place where the air is dry and dry. It is strictly prohibited to be stacked or stored in the open air. The stainless steel elbow is often kept dry and ventilated, the retainer is clean and tidy, and stored in an accurate storage method.