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Precautions for construction of vvp floor spring

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Precautions for construction of vvp floor spring,The process of grooving the floor spring body is finished, but there are a few important points that must be paid attention to:
(1) The size of the slot is appropriate, not too large or too small, too large will affect the appearance, and too small will result in less stable materials and weak fixation.
(2) The position of the axis of the floor spring must be accurate, and a plumb line or other tools for finding the vertical line must be used.
(3) The consistency of cement or quick-drying powder used for stability is appropriate to ensure the strength of the stable floor spring.
(4) After grooving and stabilizing the floor spring, be sure to wait until the cement or quick-drying powder has sufficient strength before installing the door body to avoid rework caused by the displacement of the floor spring.