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Pipe connectors various types and characteristics of

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Divided into "Limited Pipe Connector" (GRIP), "Compensated Pipe Connector" (FLEX), Dual Card Pipe Connector (GR), Pipe Repair Clamp, Non-Metal Pipe Connector (GLT), etc. series

Folding ring type
The toothed ring type pipe connector can connect different material pipes with different pipe diameters, and it can be welded or not flanged, which increases the load pulling force.

The toothed ring type pipe connector has a ring-shaped stainless steel ring inside the product, which makes the product play a significant role in the grip of the pipe connection.

Folding single card type
The single-card type common connector is a new product that replaces flanges, pipe clamps, and welding methods. Solder-free and flange-free, allowing axial angular deviation.

The single-cylinder common pipe connector has a special design with a groove on the built-in apron. The higher the pressure, the tighter the seal. The steel shell is made of 304 and 316 stainless steel, and the surface is specially treated to make the corrosion resistance 3-4 times stronger than the stainless steel plate itself.

Folded and extended single card
The extended single-card connector can be connected to pipes of different materials with different pipe diameters and can be welded or flanged without flanges, allowing axial angular deviation. Greatly increase the length of the connection.

The single-cart extended pipe connector increases the length of the product and allows some designs that require pipe load to be well resolved.