Note for concrete pump pipe, connection skills

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Note for concrete pump pipe, connection skills:
1. The connection between the ground pump and the pump pipe should be arranged according to the shortest distance and the least amount of elbows, which can not only reduce the pumping distance but also reduce the resistance of concrete transportation.

2. The pump pipe clamps should not be in direct contact with the ground, and should be placed under the lowest point with a wooden square, etc., leaving a gap for easy disassembly, maintenance and replacement. At the same time, check each pipe clamp must be in place to ensure that the connection of the pump pipe is absolutely sealed to prevent Leakage and air leakage.

3. All pump pipes must be firmly connected and stable, and the bends should be reinforced to prevent the pipeline from shaking and loosening during pumping.

4. When the conveying distance is long, try not to connect the elbow pipe directly at the outlet cone of the concrete pump. You should connect a straight pipe first and then use the elbow pipe, which can greatly reduce the resistance.

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