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Matters needing attention when welding steel tube elbow

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Matters needing attention when welding steel tube elbow:

1. Check whether the water, electricity, and gas are connected, and all connections are made as required, and they cannot be loosened. Water, electricity, and gas are all risk factors in the elbow welding process, so be sure to check before welding.
2. Use related things to clean the surface of the base metal, that is, use a brush or sandpaper to thoroughly remove water, oil, oxides and other impurities on the surface of the base metal to ensure the quality of welding.
3. Pay attention to the cleaning of the elbow welding workplace. There should be no flammable and explosive materials, and wind shelter methods should be adopted.
Fourth, carefully check whether the wiring of the welding machine meets the requirements. The quality of the wire is the simplest element to cause trouble, so it must not be careless.
5. Pre-welding inspection of the base metal of the elbow is necessary because it is directly related to the welding effect.
Sixth, the important welding structure should be cleaned by chemical cleaning method. You can simply use acetone or caustic soda sulfuric acid to clean the surface water, oil, high melting point oxide film, oxides and other contaminants.

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