Çembilê derî type taybetmendiyên maddî bikaranîn li cihên cuda

Çembilê derî type taybetmendiyên maddî bikaranîn li cihên cuda

door handle stainless steel door handle

1. Glass door handle
Use place: It is mainly installed on the glass door of shopping malls, restaurants, buildings, hwd., for sliding door fans.
Materials and Process: Generally, the pipe is made of low carbon steel or stainless steel door handle, the pile legs and the shuttle head are gray cast iron, the surface is galvanized or alumina, and the drawing process is adopted.
Features: It is characterized by many varieties, beautiful appearance, solid and durable.

2. Door lock door handle
Use place: mainly installed in the apartment door, indoor room door.
Materials and Processes: Generally made of pure copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
Features: It has wear-resisting and anti-corrosion effects, can withstand large pulling force and is durable.

3. The car door handle
Use place: various car doors
Materials and Process: ABS plating is generally used.
Features: fit the hand, the shape and color of the door handle and the car coordination.

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