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Introduction to the basic knowledge of stainless steel railing guardrail

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Stainless steel railings are common finishing materials, such as stair railings, balcony railings, bridge guardrails, and more. However, many customers don't know much about it. Let's talk about the basics of stainless steel guardrails today.

Stainless steel railings, also known as stainless steel railings, stainless steel fences. The structure is usually divided into two parts: the main pole and the column. The main pole is also called the supervisor. For example, the handrail of the stair railing is what we call the supervisor. The column can also be called a riser, and the role is to support the supervisor. According to national standards, the wall thickness of the main pipe must be 1.2mm.

Stainless steel fittings mainly include stainless steel guardrail columns, column fittings, partition stainless steel supports, and stainless steel handrail fittings. The stainless steel railing column is a vertical member fixed on the building structure for supporting the handrail and fixing the glass plate, the metal plate, the steel rod, the steel cable or the metal mesh, and is the main load-bearing member of the guardrail. Stainless steel guardrail columns are widely used in channel isolation, stairs, balconies of buildings, and landscape enclosures.

The column fitting is a member for the main body of the guardrail column, and is connected to the member for holding the glass slab and transmitting the load, and can be used alone or in other fields, mainly including a glass jig and a connecting claw piece.

Stainless steel armrest fittings: for the support of the armrests or the attachment and fixing of the armrests. The main varieties include armrest support, including connecting glass armrest support and wall armrest support, armrest connecting parts, including sealing cover, elbow, movable elbow, tee, cross, decorative cover, connecting sleeve and armrest fixing, etc. Wait.