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Installation procedure for bathroom door handle

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Bathroom door handle installation procedures: 1. During installation, some auxiliary tools will be used, such as commonly used screwdrivers, etc. It should be noted that do not use excessive force to avoid the situation that auxiliary tools will damage the glass door.

2.There are many types of glass door handles. Under normal circumstances, glass doors will leave corresponding slots for installing handles. Therefore, we must choose a suitable handle.

3.Compared with other doors, such as wooden doors, glass doors are actually slightly fragile. Therefore, when we choose glass door handles, we should try our best to choose door handles that are easier to install and not easy to damage the glass door.

4. Under normal circumstances, most handles can be disassembled. We first disassemble, pass the handle through the slot, fix it with the help of auxiliary tools, and then install the handle.

5. When buying, you need to know the handle model you want to buy. When installing, relax the action to prevent damage due to mistakes.

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