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How to properly fix the ends of the stainless steel handrail

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For the fixing method of the two ends of the stainless steel handrail, on the one hand, many engineering companies have already considered this problem before starting the installation. In many villas, during the construction of the house, the corresponding position has been made in the wall. Specially pre-buried. If it is pre-buried on the ground at the beginning, the effect will be very good. After all, safety in the handrail is very important.

Because it is pre-buried on the ground, we will see that many of the stainless steel columns can be directly fixed to the pre-buried stainless steel plates during the installation, which is certainly very good. Even many are connected to the structural layers of the ground. From the fixing of the stencil and the column of the current ground, it is also determined that the ground is completely fixed. From the current stainless steel armrests, we will see that the top fixing is also very important. After all, in such a long railing, the key is that the upper and lower positions have the best chance of fixing firmly, so in the fixing of the wall. Will bring the above-fixed quality.

Of course, whether it is below or in the above fixed, after pre-assembly, if all the data is checked, it is accurate, and there is no deviation, it can be welded and fixed. In the case of pre-buried in the fixing, it is naturally fixed by direct welding. If it is not pre-buried, it is the same as the installation on the stairs. It is fixed by expansion bolts. After the expansion bolts enter the structure, it will ensure that the specific quality will not be affected. This is actually also required to be supervised and inspected during construction. Try to use expansion bolts of 10 mm in diameter, which will be better in terms of effect.

In addition, when fixing the armrests, it is recommended that the entire handrail is welded after the columns have been fixed. This also ensures that the whole aspect is based on the ground or the structure. In terms of actual effects, it will also show a better side. From the actual installation, we will see that many professional companies are very important in terms of the link with the ground. If the embedded parts or expansion bolts are used, they will be accurately calculated. Ok, this will be more assured in terms of quality.