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How to install the glass door handle?


When we choose the glass door handle, we should choose the handle that is easier to install than the one, and it is not easy to damage the glass door. Then we need to pay attention to the installation, we will use the auxiliary tools in the installation process, such as the screws 1 we often use, it is important to pay attention not because their strength is too large or too small The auxiliary tools broke the glass door, which we don't want to see.
Secondly, there are many types of glass door handles. Most glass doors will have slots for the installers to install the handles. We need to choose the right size of the glass door handles for installation. Finally, most glass door handles are also It can be disassembled, we can disassemble it first and then pass the handle from the slot through the auxiliary tool to fix it. For the glass door, there are still many different types of ordinary doors. In order to avoid affecting the normal installation time, you should make it clear that you want to buy the handle of the glass door when you buy it. Try not to use too many sharp aids as much as possible to avoid damage due to mistakes.
Although the installation of the glass door handle is not difficult, it still needs to be done carefully.