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How to install the Floor spring

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In our home life, we may rarely hear the term floor spring. Floor spring is a modern and popular door closer. Many people don’t understand it because it often does not appear in people’s vision. Only those with professional knowledge can understand its application skills. So, how to install the floor spring? How to repair it if it is broken?

The installation process has a profound impact on the life of the floor spring in the future. Some improper installation may cause conflicts in the parts within a week.
1. Draw a line and draw the center of the installation shaft and the counter shaft of the i fan rotation to see if the two are consistent.
2. Opening holes, mainly through the drill bit in the ground, so that the embedded design can play a good role, of course, metal
The shell must be fitted tightly without any looseness.
3. Straighten, the floor spring shell is in the opened hole, and straighten, there can be no deviation.
4. After inserting the shaft and installing the door leaf, insert its shaft into the rotating hole.
5. Vertical, keep it perpendicular to the 90° angle between the door leaf and the wall, and try to turn it up and down to see if it coincides with the center. Generally speaking, it is necessary
Debug multiple times.
6. Adjust the speed, depending on the situation to adjust the speed of closing the door.
7. Seal the cover, close the decorative cover, and fix it with screws.