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How to install smart glass door lock

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Change the main lock of smart glass door lock : first apply glass glue to glue the back of the front door to the glass, then clip the main lock to the door and the back, and then tighten the 5 screws on the front door. The locking operation on the other side is the same as the main lock, but there is no cable insertion and removal, 8 screws are fixed, and the others are the same as the main lock operation.

Smart glass door locks refer to locks that are improved on the basis of being different from traditional mechanical locks, and are more intelligent and convenient in terms of user safety, identification, and management. The smart door lock is the executive part of the door lock in the access control system.
Smart door locks are different from traditional mechanical locks. They are compound locks with safety, convenience and advanced technology.
Magnetic card, radio frequency card (non-contact type, high safety, plastic material, easy to configure and carry, low price)
The mature technology of using non-mechanical keys as user identification ID, such as:
Fingerprint lock, iris recognition access control (biometric identification, high security, no loss and damage; but inconvenient configuration, high cost)
TM card (contact type, high security, stainless steel material, very convenient to configure and carry, low price)