How to buy commercial glass door lock ,commercial glass door lock?

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How to buy commercial glass door lock ,commercial glass door lock? 1. It is best to choose glass door locks from companies with high reputation, stable quality and good after-sales service. The quality is not only guaranteed, but also has perfect after-sales service.
2. When purchasing, check whether the markings and markings of the purchased product packaging are complete, such as the product's implementation standard, grade, manufacturer name, address, production date, etc., whether the packaging is firm, and whether the contents of the manual are consistent with the product.

3. Check the tooth pattern of the key when purchasing, such as five key teeth, each key should have no less than three different key teeth, and the first tooth and the fifth tooth should try not to choose the deepest key tooth. , Facilitate the insertion and removal of the key and not easy to break.
4. Observe the appearance and quality of the product when purchasing, including whether the lock head, lock body, lock tongue, handle and cladding parts and related supporting parts are complete, whether the surface color of the electroplated parts and spray paint parts is bright and uniform, and whether there is rust , Signs of oxidation and damage.
5. When purchasing a commercial glass door lock, check whether the product's use function is reliable and flexible. Two or more products should be selected for comparison inspection. All keys must be used to test the switch. It is recommended to try each lock at least three times.