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How should the glass door floor spring be adjusted?

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For many glass doors, the biggest feature is aesthetics, atmosphere, and is a very important configuration in many hotels, hotels and some public places, and the grandeur and atmosphere of the glass door is even more impressive. A very stylish and luxurious feeling. However, when installing the glass door, some accessories are also very important, such as the ground spring we know.

For the floor spring, it is a type of accessory that is very much needed by all kinds of people. The spring is a kind of door closer, and the door closer is used more in the glass door. The glass door spring is also a hydraulic door closer. The device for pressing the spring is a worm gear, mainly because the worm wheel can rotate in the forward and reverse directions. According to the characteristics of the glass door spring, the basic configuration is the sun shaft and the ground shaft.

Then there are some precautions in the installation process. First, mark it so that the center of the glass door spring shaft coincides with the door clamp shaft, and then the hole is installed. It should be noted that the screw must be tightened, and The angle of the floor spring must be controlled to ensure the use of the product.