How do you choose the glass door handle and other door hardware accessories

Door pulls with roller latches and separate locks (best)

Large fixed door pulls can open doors three times larger than regular doors. Pushing or pulling on the handle opens and closes the front door. There are no moving parts that can be damaged or turned. To ensure alignment of tall doors, roller latches are concealed above and below the lock. The size of the front doors can be adjusted to adjust the holding force. The lock is located separately from the door pulls. It secures the door when it is closed. This type of front door handle has a high price because it offers both aesthetics and durability. Fixed door handles make grand statements on front doors and complement them.

Door handle set with integrated lock

The door handle set is a level above, usually with an interior knob and a short exterior pull. The handle's exterior is designed to open large doors. The interior knob can become loosening with heavier and larger doors. This type of door handle is a modest statement and conveys little importance. This option is priced from moderate to high. This door handle set can operate larger doors but it is very limited.

Door Knob or Lever With Separate Lock

Knobs and levers are the most basic front door handles. These handles are designed for smaller interior doors of 36 inches in size and can be used only to perform their function. Large entrance doors are too heavy and large for levers and knobs. These basic handles' rotating mechanism becomes looser with time. The lock is usually located above the knobs or lever handles. These front door handles are affordable and easily found in any home improvement shop. These handles are not designed to be a statement or aesthetic but serve a basic purpose.

Modern steel door pulls can be made to order and come in a variety of shapes, including square, bowed, or twisted.

Generic door pulls come in limited sizes, shapes, and finishes. Generic door pulls can be loosened over time as they are not fastened at the point of installation.

Modern glass door handles are welded to your pivot door's top and bottom. This ensures that your door will match the finish and that the pulls won't come loose.

A modern glass door handles can be custom-made to fit the length of each door. They are available in square, square or twisted. As an upgrade, hand-sculpted pivot pulls are also available.