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Hinge function and installation precautions

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The importance of the hinge is not only the anti-theft, but also the need to be careful not to have noise. The key to choosing a noise-free hinge is its central axis. The process is not good, and the hinges that are not smooth or have insufficient metal hardness can cause harsh friction when opening and closing the door. The size of the hinge is proportional to the weight of the door. The heavier the door, the more the hinge with a large gravity.

For aesthetic reasons, the color of the metal used for the hinge is preferably the same as the color of other metal products (such as door locks) on the door. In addition, do not apply to the hinge when painting. The penetration of the paint into the blade will increase the friction and hinder the normal switching of the door.

It is worth mentioning that there is a new type of elevated hinge that allows the door to automatically rise to a limited extent when it is opened or closed, so as not to touch the carpet. The structure of this hinge is different from the ordinary hinge, and the left and right sheets have a certain inclination at the center shaft interface. When the door is opened, the door automatically rises, avoiding the obstruction of the carpet to the door.