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High quality stainless steel glass clamp factory wholesale price

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The stainless steel glass clamp is composed of connecting claw, connecting joint, base and other parts. The connecting claw is an important tool for connecting the glass curtain wall. With the rapid development of the construction industry, the facades of buildings are also changing with each passing day, and glass curtain walls have been widely used in the construction industry. Glass curtain walls are widely used in various fields. The connecting claw plays a connecting role in the glass curtain wall to connect the glass sheets into one piece. Performance description: The glass curtain wall connected by connecting claws has a transparent appearance, no walls, and good lighting, which can integrate indoor space and outdoor environment. There are various supporting structures of the connecting claws, which can meet the needs of different architectural structures and decorative effects. The connecting claw adopts a ball hinge connection, which has the ability to absorb deformation and great safety.

Stainless steel glass clamps are individually designed and can be applied to glass of any size and thickness. As long as the length of the screw is increased, the stainless steel balcony railing post: The bracket is unique and unique. It is divided into two types: straight line and arc. The arc is 42.4 or 50.8. 150 series 160 series 200 series 220 series 250 series 300 series four-jaw complete set, three-jaw complete set, two-jaw 90-degree complete set, two-jaw 180-degree complete set, long single-jaw complete set, short single-jaw complete set. Mirror light, matte, frosted and other effects; various connecting claws can be processed according to customer requirements. Brushed mirror treatment stainless steel fine couple, applicable range: 8-12mm tempered glass.