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Quickly distinguish common stainless steel stair handrail fittings

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Stainless steel staircases are increasingly being brought into people's lives, adorning our home life in a variety of forms. As an important passageway in the home, the stairs are the most used department in the home. Long-term ups and downs and inevitable collisions will cause the stairs to wear more or less, so daily maintenance is essential. I believe that many people in life have encountered the confusion of the concrete part that can feel the problem of the stairs but can't tell the problem of the stairs. So today, Xiaobian will teach you how to distinguish the commonly used stainless steel stair fittings to help everyone faster. Solve the problem of stair maintenance.

1) Staircase column: Mounted on the steps to connect the handrails and guardrails is the most common accessory for stair clocks.
2) Armrest surface: Mounted on the top of the guardrail is the longest part of the touch.
3) General column: used at the bottom of the stairs to support the guardrail.
4) Large column: It can be used at the corner instead of the handrail elbow.
5) Pedal: The panel on the stairs, the solid wood board is generally 38MM.
6) Edge banding: repair the place where the stairs are cracked.
7) Keel: Commonly used in stairs without cement foundation, it is the central support column of the whole ladder.
8) Large side panels: used on both sides of the double steel stair.
9) Beam: The beam of the building that fixes the last step.
10) Upper wall: support for the handrail against one side of the wall.
11) Glass clip: This is a must-have accessory for the glass rail guardrail for fixing the glass.

These are some of the more common stair fittings in life. Customers who need custom stairways or need stair fittings can contact our online customer service to bring you a good shopping experience.

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