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Handrail bracket manufacturers offer

Optional configurations for the handrail bracket: (1) Ф (mm): Ф38.1, Ф42.4, Ф50.8; (2) H: 80, 81, 82. Main material: stainless steel, surface treatment: wire drawing/mirror/PVD, product function and purpose: the armrest is fixedly connected to the column, the height of the handrailcan be adjusted, the handrail bracket has a variety of styles and specifications to choose from, and can also be customized according to needs. The quotation of the handrail bracket manufacturer is based on customization.

Packing details: 1. Glass: bubble wrap, plywood frame, wooden box packing; 2. Railing: After being wrapped by pearl cotton, put it in a carton, and then pack it in a large carton. 3. Handrails and drawing/steel rope: Wrap it with pearl cotton and air bubbles, and then pack it with fiber tape. 4. Other components: It is wrapped in a bubble-proof anti-collision bag and packaged in a carton.