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Glass door locks precautions when purchasing

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The glass door is popular with consumers because of its beautiful appearance. The general lock is difficult to install on the glass door. When selecting the glass door lock, it is easy to install and beautiful. Therefore, the glass door lock is usually made of high-strength structural steel or zinc alloy die-casting or stainless steel. It overcomes the shortcomings of iron, zinc alloy, such as rust, aging and insufficient steel. The surface treatment is mostly brushed or mirrored, and the beauty is generous. With a sense of fashion.

How to choose when buying
1. Choose products with high reputation, stable quality and good after-sales service.
2. Check whether the logo and logo of the purchased product are complete (including the product's implementation standards, grades, manufacturer's name, address, date of manufacture), whether the package is firm, and whether the contents of the manual match the product.
3. Observe the appearance quality of the product, including the lock head, lock body, lock tongue, handle and cover plate parts and related accessories. Whether the surface of the plated parts and painted parts is bright and even, with or without rust, oxidation and damage. .
4. Check whether the product use function is reliable and flexible. Two or more products should be selected for comparison check. All keys must be used for test switch. It is recommended to test each lock at least three times.
5. Check the tooth condition of the key, such as five spoon teeth, each key should have no less than three different key teeth, and the first and fifth teeth should try not to choose the deepest key to facilitate the insertion and removal of the key. And not easy to break.