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Glass door lock installation method

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Glass doors are popular with consumers for their beauty. It is difficult to install Glass door lock on glass doors. Even if some locks can be installed, they will affect the beauty of the entire door.Therefore, the glass door lock should choose an electromagnetic lock, which can be installed easily, and is beautiful and reliable.

Glass door without frame requires accessories to assist in installation. The installation method is basically the same as the normal surface installation method, except that it is installed in the third step.It is different from the iron plate, the U-shaped groove, rubber cushion and stainless steel washer (on the side of the lock screw) are set on the glass door, and the glass is locked with a headless hexagonal screw.
On the door, then fix the relay iron plate on the U-shaped groove.

Use AB frame to install
First fix the AB frame on the glass door with special glass glue (or double-sided tape), and then fix the relay plate on the bracket.