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Galvanized pipe,how much is a galvanized pipe?

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How much does galvanized pipe pipe cost a ton? At present, the more common models and specifications on the market are DN100, DN150, and DN200. These three types are more common in general engineering buildings. Their prices are somewhat different. They are DN100 models and specifications weighing 5,700 yuan per ton, including tax. The DN150 model specification is 5190 yuan a ton, and the DN200 model specification is 5550 yuan a ton.

According to your own needs, choose hot-dip galvanized pipes of different models and specifications. There are many specifications and models of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, and the materials are also different, so the price is difficult to determine. Besides, the price fluctuations are very large nowadays, so the actual price is hard to say. Hot-dip galvanized pipes are more commonly used and have more characteristics, so they need to be much more expensive than ordinary seamless steel pipes.