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Frameless glass door sealing strip Introduction to the performance of

Sealing strips play a key role in frameless glass doors, wooden doors, security doors, sliding doors, and other aluminum-plastic doors and windows. The obvious advantage of the frameless glass door sealing strip is shockproof. After it is installed on the doorstop line, it will lighten (or even disappear) the collision sound when closing the door (window), protect the edge of the door leaf and extend the door. Life expectancy reduces noise.

Another feature of the frameless glass door sealing strip is that it seals, absorbs vibration, and isolates the indoor and outdoor air. It effectively acts as heat preservation and energy saving and prevents mosquitoes and other small insects from being drilled indoors. Colorful shaped soft and hard plastic sealing strips are widely used in wooden door, PVC board door, garage door, automatic door, furniture, cabinet door, all kinds of aluminum-plastic doors and windows and other series of door and window seals, energy saving, dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, Soundproof and light-proof, alleviating the interference of outdoor noise and debris.
The frameless glass door sealing strip is a major event in the decoration of the house. Generally, the sealing performance of the window is not very good. Generally, problems will occur in a few years. How do these problems arise? Let the door and window seal manufacturers o explain to everyone:
1. Integrity. The splicing integrity of the material and material back affect its service life and effectiveness.
2. The material is not suitable. Materials have their adaptability, and it is very important to choose the appropriate seal.
3. Sealing strips. The quality of the sealing strip directly affects its effect, so you can make a good window seal by paying attention to these three items.
Generally speaking, people pay great attention to the effect of the frameless glass door sealing strip. Under normal circumstances, the frameless glass door sealing strip is required to have very good sealing performance, can be shockproof, and plays a very important protective role on the door and window. Extend the service life of doors and windows, and install high-quality frameless glass door seals for your doors and windows to provide sound insulation. It is an inevitable choice for modern urbanites, protecting people's privacy and reducing noise.