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Floor spring installation considerations

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The following is the use of floor springs:
1. The flatness of the structural floor is kept clean, the horizontal and dry noise is within 1 square meter; the flatness is not more than 3mm.
2. Install the floor spring If the original floor is too rough, it needs to be leveled. It is recommended that the leveling layer should not be less than 20mm.
3. Pay attention to the waterproof treatment at the bottom of the floor when installing the floor spring.
4. All spaces are sealed to each other for walls and floors to ensure noise control.
5. There should be no hard material under the floating floor to touch the surrounding structure.
6. Installation of floor springs Care must be taken when handling pipes and pipes that pass through the structure. They must be wrapped with a qualified 10 mm thick high efficiency elastomeric gasket and sealed with a non-hardened sealant.

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