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File cover decoration manufacturer production

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The file cover decoration plastic parts is small, the dimensional accuracy is not high, and it is produced in small and medium batches. In order to reduce the cost of molding, the mold design of the left and right decorative cover of the steering wheel adopts one mold and two pieces. According to the structural analysis of the parts, the parting surface is selected at the largest contour, the upper part uses the integral concave mold cavity, the lower part uses the integral convex mold, and then two small cores are embedded.

The parting surface is used to divide the workpiece or the existing mold volume. It consists of one or more surface features. In Pro/Engineer's mold design process, the most important and critical step is the establishment of the parting surface. The choice of parting surface not only affects the normal molding and demoulding of plastic parts, but also involves the structure and manufacturing cost of the mold. The selection of the parting surface should satisfy the requirement of keeping the plastic products in the movable mold as much as possible after the movable mold is separated, so that the demolding mechanism on the movable mold can be used for demolding, and the parts can be easily taken out. Otherwise, the product is left on the fixed mold, and a demoulding mechanism must be added to the fixed mold, which makes the mold structure complicated.