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Factory direct supply from titanium elbow

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Factory direct supply from titanium elbow, its main advantages and applications:
1. The low density can not only reduce the weight of the whole vehicle, but also reduce the motion inertia for high-speed moving parts;
2. High specific strength, can be used as load-bearing parts;
3. The modulus of elasticity is small, and the fatigue strength is high;
4. Good heat resistance, suitable for high temperature parts;
5. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, suitable for parts such as engine valves;
6. Good corrosion resistance;
7. Good frost resistance, and will not produce low temperature brittleness;
8. The formability is good, and parts of various shapes can be manufactured by stamping, hot forging, powder metallurgy, precision casting and other methods;
9. Titanium elbow has good decorative properties. Through oxidation treatment, various decorative materials with bright colors can be formed.