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exterior glass sliding stainless steel door handles

The quality of the stainless steel handle is mainly to look at a few points:

1. Surface treatment, the light needs to be clear and flawless, and the brushed surface should have a dull surface and even dark light.

2. In terms of material, you can use stainless steel handle to test the syrup test. The stainless steel handle is 201 or 304.

3. Wall thickness, usually stainless steel handles will be sealed, in fact, the thickness can not be measured, we can use mathematical formula to calculate the quality of the corresponding size handle, and then compare the comparison, you can tell whether the thickness is up to standard.

exterior glass sliding stainless steel handle

The glass sliding door handle has a coated stainless steel handle to distinguish the quality.

1. The external department handles whether the surface coating is uniform. The most important thing is to look at the hanging corner of the stainless steel handle, because there is a place where the plating is not easily covered. If the hanging angle is handled well, basically no big problem will occur.

2. If the color-plated product needs long-term preservation, the stainless steel handle needs to communicate with the manufacturer to make the sealing glaze treatment when it is customized. This glaze is actually a film layer that prevents oxidation.

3. Look at the details, the better, the higher the quality.

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