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Door closer spring definition and function of

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Door closer spring, also known as door spring, can be divided into three types: door top door closer, door bottom spring and floor spring according to its installation position. The external door closer is equipped with a hydraulic buffer pump unit that automatically closes the door when it is opened. Its main feature is that the door is slower when it is closed, and there is no collision sound after closing.

Where is it used? Can be used in schools, hospitals, office buildings and hotels. The in-line door closer is installed in the slots of the door leaf and the door frame because the in-door door closer is closed, so that the appearance of the door is not affected when the door is closed. It is suitable for use on the doors of upscale hotel rooms. The door bottom spring or automatic door bow is divided into two types: horizontal and straight. Its function is equivalent to the double-spring hinge, which can automatically close the door after opening. When the door leaf is not automatically closed, turn the door to 90°. The door spring can be used on a spring wooden door or a door that opens both inside and outside.

The floor spring is composed of two parts. The upper structure is a top shaft and a top shaft sleeve plate, and the lower structure is a rotary shaft rod and a base. The floor spring not only allows the door leaf to automatically close, runs smoothly, is noise-free, but also adjusts the speed at which the door leaf automatically closes. When the opening angle of the door leaf is less than 90°, the door and window can be automatically closed in both directions inside and outside; when the door leaf is opened to 90°, the door leaf can be fixed. This kind of floor spring is buried in the ground due to the main structure, which can keep the door leaf beautiful and is mostly used. On the door of a higher class building.