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Do you know the material knowledge of the door handle?

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Although the door handle is a small part, it plays a decisive role on the door. If the small door handle is not well bought, the appearance of the door will be greatly reduced. Therefore, you must know more about the door handle, and you won't regret it when you buy the door handle. The following small series and everyone share the material of the door handle:

First, the door handle material
1.stainless steel quality
The stainless steel tube should be thick, otherwise the stainless steel handle can be bumped. It is recommended to use a two-knock method when purchasing. If the thin tube is held, it will be the same as the hand temperature, while the thick tube is colder; the thick tube will be tapped with a finger, the sound will be loud, and the thin tube will be a bit boring.
2. brass, zinc alloy and aluminum, etc.
If it is strong, the zinc alloy data can not be too weak, it is best not to use for functional accessories.

Second, the situation of accessories
1. High-quality stainless steel handles are accurate in size and inferior in rough processing. It is normal to separate the handles before distinguishing the processing conditions of the internal parts.
2. the use of materials is also very important. The high-quality handle screws and other standard accessories are mostly made of stainless steel, and the door handles are made of copper or stainless steel. After a period of hard work, the inferior handle is severely rusted inside.
Third, the appearance of craft
1. polished stainless steel should be mirror-like cyan transparent, no pitting trachoma, silk, if it is foggy white, stainless steel handle is lower grade. The brushed stainless steel should be smooth, and the area bordering the mirror should be straight and not hairy.
2. If the appearance is electroplated, it depends on whether the brilliance can be pure, whether the copper handle has any pitting or the like.
3. the shape can be positive, the good process should be clear corners, line rules, no burrs, breaches and so on.