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Do you know how to adjust the glass door floor spring?

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Glass doors are the most common in street shops or office buildings, and the failure rate is also high. Loose handle and inappropriate closing speed are the most common. The reason is because of the glass door floor spring, the following is mainly about the slow adjustment of the opening and closing door.

Floor spring is a kind of hydraulic door closer. Ground slots are needed to lie in when it is installed. It can adjust the speed of opening and closing the door. Its work mainly depends on hydraulic oil, cold temperature in winter, the original switch speed is very suitable for glass doors, in winter, it is easy to slow the speed of switch doors.

Glass Door Floor Spring door closer spring

This is because the hydraulic oil becomes thicker and circulates poorly in the low temperature environment. Looking carefully at the floor spring, we will find that there are two cover plates on the top cover. We can adjust them only by removing the cover plate which is not the cover plate of the door axle. When you take it apart, you will see something adjustable in a single font. Slow adjustment with a screwdriver, generally clockwise adjustment will slow down the door, increase resistance, counter-clockwise adjustment, the speed of the door will be faster, resistance will be reduced. Keep in mind that when adjusting, we must adjust a little bit, and the effect of changing a little is obvious.

Above is about the adjustment method of glass door and floor spring, I believe that after reading your glass door will not be loosened, Foshan broadocean dedicated to making glass door railings accessories, such as Patch fitting, glass door hinge, glass door lock, etc., more products are welcome to inquire!