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Detailed installation steps for various glass door clamps

1. The glass door clamp is installed, the fixed glass and the glass door of the flow glass door set are completely glass door, and then according to the design and construction drawing request, line 1 is released, and the position of the door frame is confirmed.

2. The limit groove on the top of the installation door frame installed by the glass door clamp The limit groove width The thickness of the glass is two (4) mm, and the depth of the limit groove is one (0) and two millimeters.

3. Installation of metal veneer for glass door clamp installation Fix the square wood on the ground first, then glue the metal veneer to the square wood.

4. Vertical door frame installation for glass door clamp installation Use the center line to nail the door frame square wood, use the plywood to confirm the position of the door frame column, and finally outsource the metal decoration surface.

5. Mounting glass for glass door clamp installation Uses a glass suction cup machine to suck the thick glass, then lift it up to the position where it needs to be installed. The first step is to insert the upper part of the glass into the limit groove at the top of the door frame, and then insert the lower part of the glass into the bottom bracket.

6. Fixing glass nails installed on the glass door clamps Two small square wooden strips are placed inside and outside the bottom of the wooden base, sandwich the thick glass in the middle, and then apply glue on the square wooden strips, and at the same time stick the facing metal to the square wood. On the bar.

7. The glass door clamp is filled with glass glue to seal the gaps such as the top limit groove, the bottom bracket side, the thick glass, and the frame column, etc., and the glass glue is injected for sealing. If there is excess glass glue, The tool is scraped off.

8. Glass door clamp glass installation is sometimes connected. The glass door fixing part sometimes needs to be spliced due to the size. Then it has a width of two (3) mm for the seam and then chamfers the edge of the glass plate.

9. Spring installation of the glass door clamp installation The ground spring and the top surface pin of the door frame must be on the same axis after installation.

10. Installation of the lower door clamp on the glass door clamp installation Install the upper and lower metal door clamps on the upper and lower ends of the glass door leaf respectively.

11. Fixing the glass door clamp of the glass door clamp Insert a small wooden strip into the gap between the glass and the door clamp and inject the glass glue.

12. Glass door clamp installation handle installation First apply the glass glue to the part where the handle is inserted into the glass, then insert the handle, and then fix the screw when the root is tightly connected to the glass.

The door was set up for the safety of people in the past. However, nowadays, the meaning of the door has changed from the appearance of various doors, not only to avoid the theft of illegal elements. It is also the time to add color to the family, and the construction of the glass door is inseparable from the assistance of the door clamp, so the door clamp is a very important component.